Friday, August 8, 2008

The very worst part.

Okay- yes. It is appalling that John Edwards had an affair. yadda yadda yadda. Keep it in your pants, poor Elizabeth etc. Don't lie... got it.

The worst part about the whole thing?

"They" are printing the name of the CHILD he says he did not father.

What happens when this poor kid grows up and googles herself? The first thing she's going to see is this crap. That is absolutely uncalled for. The name of the baby, until it is proven to be his, should be privileged information. They won't print rape victims names (and um, that is the story) and thereby perpetuate victim stigma... but they can release the name of an innocent child who did nothing but be born? The child is not the story- the story is that poor choices were made- lots of them. This child has nothing to do with that and does not deserve to be immortalized in this way by the press. That's the really trashy part of this whole thing, if you ask me.

Link to: Yahoo story, NY Times Story I got too nauseous to keep looking after that.

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