Monday, January 21, 2008

And the hardest part about going to Grad school is...

That my mother has grown so attached to my cat that I'm afraid to take him back whenever I finally do get off this Island.

Here he is underneath the Christmas tree for his first Christmas- he looks so sweet and innocent. Probably because it was right after he was neutered (is that what it's called for cats, I don't remember- I'm a horse girl), so he was still a litle high...

This is him (ahem) helping me study... obviously we were both hard at work- him napping and me snapping pictures.

This one is from this last Christmas (I wasn't there), Webster-cat
getting along with Jack-the-Dog. It's actually kind of a rare picture,
because Webster's kind of the bully of the relationship and he
thinks that little piece of carpet that is supposed to be dog bed is actually his. And yes, he likes to pick fights with the ginormous black lab who luckily is not only the most gentle dog ever, but also the most scare-dy-dog ever. So Webster can continue in his Napoleonic dreams.

But my mom is having enough of a hard time dealing with the fact that I'm moving across the country (or across the ocean as I am presently). I mentioned something about getting Webster to take him to Georgia the other day and she just about lost it. So Ranger Man and I have decided that it may become necessary to leave Webster behind as a peace offering of sorts, and get a new little kitten of our own. I'm thinking Patton might be a good name...

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