Thursday, January 24, 2008


Does it somehow discount our military experience (Ranger Man and I) that we know he's not a lifer? Does it somehow mitigate the experience of being a military couple? We don't actually know when he's going to separate- but we know he will. Does that make us somehow less than other military couples? Does that somehow mitigate my decision to enter into a wartime military relationship?

I think my brain is slightly skewed- I am much more comfortable with the retiring with the Army idea. At least that is steady, guaranteed work. In my family, growing up, steady work was paramount over all other options- changing jobs willingly for the major breadwinner was unheard of, especially if there wasn't an option already lined up. Of course when the time comes, I will trust Ranger Man to line up his options in time and I will (finally, hopefully) be working by then also, but to me the idea of separation is more terrifying than the idea of staying in and getting shot at. Is that backwards?

I guess that was two questions. hm. funny how that happens.

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