Friday, January 11, 2008


The talks failed- Kenya's opposition (which is a little simplistic; Kenya is not a two party system...) are officially resuming their protests.

There's a bit to this story- there's no simple us against them rhetoric in a country with over 40 ethnic groups, and it's not merely an issue of vote rigging and tampering with the electoral process. There is some good information here about the situation, from Kenyan, not international sources.

I think both sides have been flinging the genocide accusation back and forth- and the International community has of course been denying it. Without going into too much detail about my own theories of recognizing genocide- basically it's too soon to tell. And unfortunately, it would be a completely different kind of genocide than we're used to (as they all are...), so that would lengthen the recognition process as well. I doubt it's happening now, but I don't doubt that it could quickly devolve into exactly that given a little encouragement.


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