Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post-Separation Funk

I think I was all right, just after he left because I jumped right back into school and kept moving.

Apparently, I stopped moving a couple days ago because 'the funk' has set in... It's that awful feeling just after he leaves... When all I really want is him back again, and everywhere I turn there's something that reminds me he's not here.

Usually, I like going to school with Active Duty military people- how many people get to take a counterinsurgency theory class with an SF officer? The problem is that sometimes, hearing the guy talk makes me want to smack them! Like last night, when they were talking about what it is going to be like to have to go back to 'work,' (now school is their work), and one of them said he thought it was going to be harder on his family. He wasn't talking about being deployed, he was talking about having to go to PT in the morning. I wanted to say something about the resiliency of the milspouse... and how he's probably put her through much worse than having to go through PT in the morning, but I kept my mouth shut. Similarly to the other day when a bunch of them were talking about how 'hard it is' to be at home all the time- trying to do their school work and take care of their kids... yeah, because that's not what their wives do ALL THE TIME.

There are some times that I really wish I didn't have to hear the 'one of the guys' talks. It didn't help my funk.

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