Friday, January 4, 2008

Knitalong Finished

Sarah asked for pictures of my completed Danica Scarf, so... I finally got my butt in gear and found both my camera and the cordy-thingy that attaches it to my computer.

It's not too bad, I didn't block it- partly because I didn't have anything to block it with, and partly because I kind of liked the un-blocked look.

I took it to Ranger Man over Thanksgiving, and somehow convinced him to wear it to work (when they get to wear regular clothes). Apparently 'the guys' like to tease him. I tell him they're just jealous that their girlfriends/wives whatever didn't make them a warm scarf to wear.

He's not convinced that this is the explanation. Either way,
my honey is wearing or at least owning something that I
made... that makes me feel better. He has this aversion to me making him anything... like he's afraid of me going to too much effort for him or something. He's just going to have to get over that. Although, it should be noted this aversion does not extend to letter writing. Letter writing is appreciated to the utmost extent.

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