Friday, January 4, 2008

Holidays Check Off

We've been lucky this year. Despite being separated by the Pacific Ocean, Ranger Man and I have been fortunate enough to spend some major holidays together.

Thanksgiving - Check. We were in a hotel room, but Ranger Man cooked (chicken and broccoli, my favorite!), and we got to be together.

His Birthday- Not Check. We missed this one by a couple days.

My Birthday- Check. In the midst of moving, again, he cooked for me (tacos... yum), and he started teaching me to dance - he was part of the Ballroom dancing club in college, how cool is that?! We watched a movie or two and relaxed all day.

Christmas- Check. Goes with my birthday, but they are two albeit very close together, but two separate days. He surprised me by putting presents under the tree and having stockings... He made pancakes for breakfast and we had hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music. I think we cooked dinner together, but I honestly don't remember that part- I remember the morning... and watching the movie Ratatouille (sp?). He was deployed when it was out in theaters, but he really wanted to see it, so his parents got it for him, and we watched it on Christmas day.

New Years Eve- Check. We watched the Fireworks on the Beach. This was the day of my "he's leaving me again" mini-meltdown, but through some tears we made it through and heralded the New Year from underneath a palm tree. Truthfully, I think that New Year's Eve is even worse than Valentine's Day. It is almost acceptable to not have 'a date' for Valentine's Day- no one looks at you sideways if a girl buys chocolates and wine for herself and then shuts the world out on Valentine's Day, that's okay to do. However, on New Year's, you're supposed to have a boy around, someone to celebrate with, and no one accepts "my boy is in the Army on the other side of the world" as an excuse to hide. So I am very glad that he was here on Monday night.

So what does that leave?

Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day... we might get Memorial Day this year. Although, now that I think about it, we may have had Memorial day last year, I'll have to see if he remembers, I think we were together for that one. Other than that, who knows? Someday, maybe in two years, I'll have my 'date' for Valentine's Day... sigh.

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